Forty Three Minutes :)

I didn’t do anything yesterday which probably means I get some kind of prize for breaking the rules on the 2nd day but hey ho.  It was a rest day before racing today. 

Took part in big club race this evening, part of a series of five mile races held by 5 different clubs in Suffolk / Essex.  The last one I did I got round in 47 minutes.  This one I was hoping to get round in 45 but wasn’t sure.  I actually got round in 43 minutes!  I am so unbelievably pleased with myself and have spent the last couple of hours saying 43 minutes to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!

But right now I am going to sleep.  Am not sure what tomorrows adventure is going to be yet.  Watch this space.


Hellooooo Juneathon!!

Hi fellow Juneathoners! I cannot believe that it’s been 6 months since January!

The first day of Juneathon was almost a wash out! Had planned to swim at lunch and was too busy. But.. did manage to get my bike back from my brother who has had it for aaages and so I wobbled off on it for a quick cycle after dinner. 🙂

I did my normal short running route and Oh my God cycling is so much faster than running!! Was amazing. I haven’t cycled for years! I set off then realised I hadn’t switched my garmin on and nearly wobbled off while I tried to. Then I had to stop to switch it on, but stopped half way up a hill and nearly wobbled off when I tried to get going again.

Anyway, just a quick one for today. I need to think of something to do tomorrow that is exercise but also a rest because I have a RACE on Friday!! Yeah! and it’s a proper club race with my fab running club team mates. Looking forward to it – 5 miles and I’m hoping to get under 45 minutes. Fingers crossed for me everyone.

Bye bye Janathon

Well…  can’t believe January is over and I never really got back in to the running.  I’ve done a few more runs that I haven’t got round to logging and blogging.  Have got some advice from running club and been out and bought new trainers and have booked some sports massage for later this week.  I’m hoping that cures the hip thing -which is apparently actually an IT band problem.  I am fully intending to take part in the Juneathon and hopefully stay injury free! 

The rest of January has been pretty fantastic, good enough to totally distract me from not being able to run anyway!  I’ll catch up with you all in June and in the meantime I might well keep adding to this blog from time to time.

My poor neglected blog

I don’t even know what day it is anymore!

Well the hang gliding was cancelled due to high winds which I’m gutted about. Got to re book it for another time.

I had a great child free weekend tho :o) and got up to all sorts of cool stuff but no exercising.

I’m feeling a bit like this whole Janathon things has passed me by. My hip is much better than it was and I’m in two minds about whether to rest it properly and stay off the running for another week or so and then start again and slowly build up the distance OR get back in to it starting tomorrow and see how it goes. I’ll let you know what I decide.
I’ve just been reading through some of the Janathoners blogs and I’m well impressed. Everyone is doing so well. It’s really inspirational stuff so well done guys.

Day thirteen

Feeling much better today, just went out for a walk at lunchtime, only covered about a mile but was great to get out of the office and I felt better for it.  As part of the walk I picked up a subway for lunch tho so that probably wipes out the calories burnt walking several times!

Think I’m gonna try a short run tomorrow and get back on course from there.  I can’t wait for the weekend.  Really looking forward to my hang gliding.  If I’m not gonna win on number of miles or blogging everyday maybe there is a prize for most unusual kind of exercise?

Day twelve

The less said about day twelve the better.  I didn’t run, I didn’t blog but I did get to clean up a lot of sick.  Ugh sick kids are just gross.

Day eleven

Hi there Janathoners.  I think I might have to change the name of my blog to limping Jen.  I’ve had a bit of a rest day today and will probably do the same tomorrow.  Just logged my walk round to nursery and back morning and evening today.  Will catch up with you all soon.